About Us

Welcome to my little piece of the internet! I started this blog when my son was born so I could keep family, from all over, updated on our life. I now love keeping track of what's going on in our day to day lives so I can look back and remember all the little things.

Crystal: That's me - I love...fresh out of the dryer towels, board games, any reason for a celebration, traveling and seeing new things, black and white photos, sweat pants but also good butt jeans, the beach, this list could go on forever. I do not love...pumping gas, trying on clothes, birds, or bugs. I tend to "misplace" things like my cell phone or keys when I need them the most. I buy office supplies even though I don't need them. I love being organized.

Married in 2007

Chris: Is my husband - he likes...Drupal, computer games, basketball, pickles - drinking the juice out of the jar. He does not like...onions, Walmart, country music, mean people, Nascar, or when people type in all caps. He can not remember some things to save his life. He's good at almost everything he does but doesn't know it.

Cain & Carly: These two are my world. He likes riding his bike, legos, computer games, basketball, swimming, and reading. She likes American Girl dolls, playing dress up, snacks, jumping on the trampoline, shoes, and crafts. They also love going skating, playing board games, and going to the movies.

"We may not have it all together - but together we have it all"

Updated Dec. 2016