Monday, June 29, 2015

Thyroid Removal

So whenever I read online about people with thyroid problems it can range from one extreme to the other extreme and everywhere in between. I've pretty much stopped reading because every single person is different and there isn't a good way to compare person A with person B. It is nice however to know that you aren't alone in the craziness that is thyroid troubles.
The first time anyone ever mentioned my thyroid to me is when I was pregnant for Cain six years ago. I was terribly sick and after lots of blood work it was discovered that my "levels" T3 and T4, etc. etc. were off. After I had Cain I continued to get my levels checked and checked in with a doctor that I didn't like. (It seems to be very difficult to find an endocrinologist that is good at their job and good at explaining everything and so on) Everything seemed to go back to normal - I didn't have to be on any form of medication. For the next few years I stopped checking things and felt fine.
Fast forward to planning on having Carly. I checked in with my OB - explained the problems I had last pregnancy - and went back to the endo to get checked out. My levels were fine during this pregnancy. I never got sick once. And I didn't have any issues. Just a few weeks after Carly was born we moved to a new part of the state and I found a new family physician. I love her so much and she is the best family doctor I've ever had! I rave about her all the time! I explained to her my thyroid issues that I had had in the past and she referred me to a great endo that I now see regularly.
I visited him for the first time and explained my health history - we just kind of monitored my levels over the next year or two with no complications or problems. Then at the beginning of this year I started to slowly have problems but didn't really put it together that it might be my thyroid. I'm not sure why I didn't assume it right away but for whatever reason I didn't.
In April I felt like I was having a heart attack and had to go to the ER. No heart attack but I now had hyperthyroidism. It was making my heart race, I was shaky all the time, I started having anxiety, I had lost almost 15 pounds in two months, I had no energy and wanted to sleep all day. I went to the endo and they put me on medication, which started helping all the symptoms I was experiencing until my entire body broke out in hives and I was itching uncontrollably.
I talked about some options with my doctor and it was decided that I would get my thyroid removed. I met with a wonderful surgeon and scheduled the surgery. It's only been two weeks sense I've had my thyroid removed and I am feeling like a new person! Or rather my old self. I really don't know at this point how not having my thyroid will effect me long term but as of right now it's been a huge positive. I have not had my heart race one time sense the surgery, I have had more energy then I have in a long time, I don't feel anxious or shaky. The downsides for me so far - the giant scar I now have, taking a medication everyday for the rest of my life (however I was either going to have to take medication to control my thyroid or take it because I didn't have one so either way it sucks) and my hair is falling out like crazy! I am lucky that I have super thick hair to start out with so it isn't super noticeable but it makes me feel so bad for the people who don't have a lot of hair to start out with and then lose it. I do also know that weight gain or weight control in general can be difficult after this procedure so there's that too.
Anyway - all of this to say that I'm feeling good right now. I'm healing from surgery. I'm thankful that I was able to get it figured it out and take care of it.

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