Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Wow how time flies!
The last post I wrote was Cain's first week of school and now his school year of young 5's is coming to an end. This school year has been great! More then great I suppose. Cain is learning so much more then I thought was possible for young 5's. He is now reading, he is a whiz in math, and was the first student of the month during the school year. I am a super proud Mama to say the least! I love his school and love his teacher. The women I have connected with during this school year have touched my heart in so many ways - they are like little angels. They are so sweet to me and they absolutely love Carly! We sit in the parent room for about an hour or 45 mins every day and I will truly miss them this summer. The one thing I will not miss this summer is packing school lunches! I started out the school year loving packing Cain's lunches and by February I was so over it - haha!
Miss Carly is so darn big! She will be turning 3 next month and no one ever believes that she is only 2. She wears a size 4T clothes and acts like she's 15. She is a super girly girl - loves wearing dresses, having her nails painted, and bows in her hair. She wears jewelry and sunglasses all the time and doesn't want to leave home without her purse, haha. She is completely potty trained now and has only had a nighttime accident twice ever. She sleeps in a big girl bed (no more crib) now and sleeps really well.
Tball has started back up - this will be Cain's second year. His first game is this weekend. I'm so glad he likes to play because I love watching him play. I'm sure I'll take tons of pictures and if you want to follow along you can just check out my instagram - it's kind of where I have been all year - it's really taking over blogging in so many ways.
I have been having some health issues lately and dealing with my thyroid - no fun at all! Just getting some answers today actually so I am hoping that soon things will start to be under control. I've been walking around feeling like a zombie most days and still trying to maintain our daily schedules.
We just recently had a family trip to Florida - the first "real" family trip for my kids. The first time they've seen the ocean - I think I was more excited for them then they were. Chris' family all went and it was so much fun! We rented a house right on the beach, relaxed for a week, and didn't want to come back to reality. I am ready for another vacation already!
So I don't know when I'll be posting again, whenever I get the urge I suppose. I just kind of wanted to document some things for me to remember :)