Friday, August 29, 2014

2 year old Carly

So Carly is two and her little personality sure is blooming! She is talking a mile a minute all the time. She is starting to become a little bossy pants too- telling Cain what he should and shouldn't be doing - and sometimes he even listens :)
She has taken off with potty training - thank goodness! She goes all day in her big girl undies (except nap/bedtime) with only random accidents maybe once a week. We just started venturing out in public sans diaper and it's going good. She still loves to eat but is starting to get picky about what she'll eat. I have gotten creative in finding ways to get her to eat - lots of singing at dinner time - "if you're happy and you know it eat your peas, yum yum". It works folks :)
We have entered the phase of "me do it" for every. single. thing. I forgot how annoying this stage can be because while you want them to learn how do things independently you also don't want to take half an hour just to get shoes on in the morning. Right now she loves riding her bike, reading books (still Pinkalicious every day) she loves Daniel Tiger and you won't see her often without her Minnie in hand. We have switched from sippy cups over to big girl cups and just the other day took the side off of her crib to convert it into her big girl bed. She loves it and hasn't realized yet that she can get out whenever she wants - I know it's only a matter of time. 
I really love this age and all the new stuff it brings! Our family schedule is going to get a complete makeover next week with Cain going to school all day (I can't stop crying) and my work schedule changing up a bit but I'm looking forward to the change and think it will be good for all of us :)