Thursday, August 28, 2014

Our Summer....

I have been mostly absent from this blog over the summer. I haven't even really missed it at all. We have had a great summer and I just wanted to recap a bit.

June -
- We celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary
- Carly turned 2
- Lots of swimming
- Trips to the spray park

July -
- We had cookouts
- Went and played at the park a lot
- Cain can now ride his bike without training wheels
- My sister and her family were here
- We celebrated my Mom's 50th birthday (yes my Mom just turned 50)
- We played with friends
- Took a road trip to Traverse City

August -
- Cain turned 5
- We took a road trip to Chicago
- Went to a painting class to celebrate my friend's birthday
- Went to the beach with friends (I'll have to do a blog post about how thankful I am for new friends)
- School shopping and back to school hair cuts
- Lots of trips to the ice cream shop

Here are a few of my favorite pictures from the summer ( I didn't get my camera out nearly enough)