Saturday, April 26, 2014

Spring Break - preschool style

Cain has been on Spring Break this week, it's his first ever Spring Break. I really hoped to start a tradition of doing something fun with the family for Spring Break. I never did anything fun - that I remember anyway - when I was in school. We also never did any family vacations - something I hope to do with my children now that they are getting a little bit older. Anyway so we tried to do a few fun things and this is what we came up with.

First we did a big family day for bowling. It was the first time my kids have ever been bowling and they liked it. Carly totally didn't get it but she enjoyed walking around the bowling alley.

Cain's got moves.

Carly after she pushed her ball down the ramp.

Family shot - this is Chris' family - his grandma, cousins, aunts, and sister, niece and nephew.

We spent Easter weekend up north with our families and enjoyed a nice lunch at my Mom's. We came back home and Cain had his first t-ball practice and my Dad was able to come down for that. It was so nice having my Dad here! He helped out with Carly, who only wanted to wander and wander during the practice, so that Chris and I could watch and be there for Cain. After practice we went and got ice cream (which was on our Spring Break to do list) even though it was freezing out. My Dad spent the night and had a sleep over with Cain. He was super excited, as we pulled out his trundle bed, that Grandpa was going to sleep in his room. Haha. 

Then we went to the zoo - which was the last thing to do on our list. It was a little bit windy and could have been a tad bit warmer for my liking but it was a great afternoon. Cain remembers the zoo very well, he's been there multiple times in his life, but Carly obviously didn't remember at all. She wasn't super impressed. All she wanted to do or cared about was walking. She didn't want to be in the stroller and she didn't want to be held. If she was walking she was happy.

large turtles

looking right into the sun but they are still cute

napping lions

the big bear picture


my favorite picture - the polar bear