Wednesday, April 23, 2014

1st T-ball practice

Cain's first t-ball practice was yesterday. It was so cute. He did so well. He was a little nervous when we got there but quickly warmed right up. He wanted to make sure we were watching him every second. He hollered from the field about 10 times "I love you Mom" or "I love you Dad". My heart melted and I was so proud of him. He gave me a million thumbs up. He listened to the coach and did what was asked of him. He hit the ball and ran to first base - the coach told him when the next person hit the ball he needed to run to second base and Cain yells from first base "I know that, my Dad told me". LOL It was so cute and got a chuckle out of the parents. He is the smallest guy on the team (as usual) but he does so great! He had to go potty twice during practice and yelled it for all to hear.  I want to remember him like this always and forever. My sweet sweet little boy full of love and energy.