Thursday, April 3, 2014


I finally got my new camera battery in :)

Cain: "this is my werewolf face"

Also this week on the way home from school one day: 
Cain - We have that rock wall in the gym but we aren't supposed to climb on it.
Me - oh ok
Cain - You have to be big to climb on it, it's only for big kids.
Me - uh huh
Cain - Like only 5 year olds. If you are 5 then you can climb on it. 
Me - ok
Cain - I think that is the rule. Yeah it is the rule. 
Me - ok
Cain - Well actually I think I just made that up.

Carly : She just woke up from a nap and wanted a snack. I can't believe how tall she is getting. Her vocabulary is expanding so much everyday.