Sunday, March 9, 2014

Birthday Shenanigans

I had a wonderful birthday! We went up north Friday evening and had dinner and cake and ice cream at my Mom's. She kept the kids for the weekend which was so nice. Chris and I watched movies and hung out the rest of the evening. Saturday morning we went to Cops & Doughnuts for breakfast. We were able to spend the entire day - with no kids - just wandering around stores, eating, and doing whatever we wanted to do. If you have kids you know how awesome it is and if you don't have kids enjoy your days ;)  So then we met friends for dinner and went to the casino. We aren't big gamblers by any means but it was fun - we didn't win anything - as usual. And then Sunday we picked up the kids, visited my Dad and had lunch. Visited Chris' dad and had more cake and ice cream. A long drive home with two kids coming down from their sugar high was so much fun. That about sums up our fun weekend away. Here's to another great year!