Saturday, March 1, 2014


I have a few things going on in life that, at this moment, seem like huge decisions. I know in the grand scheme of life these things do not really matter. I do know this. However it still feels like big now. And it still feels stressful.

We do not know if we are going to send Cain to young 5's or Kindergarten. So later in his life will this matter? No, probably not. At this moment in life it feels like a huge decision. Academically he is ready to go to Kindergarten. The thing that kind of makes us want to wait is that he just barely makes the deadline with his August birthday - so not only will he be like the smallest in his class but he will be one of the youngest. He does great in his class of 12 kids but I think putting him in a class of 30 kids with one teacher may overwhelm him. For some reason this feels like some life altering decision. And oh my goodness the pressure of where he is going to go to school! It is all the "moms" are talking about. When I discuss this to my own mother she can not understand what I'm talking about - when I went to school she just sent me to whatever elementary was closest to our house. That was it. There weren't any worries or stress about it. We have applied at a few schools in our area during their open enrollment period and now we wait. If they have more applicants then spots then everyone goes into a lottery. It's all crazy!

We are also starting to look at buying a house. This story is extremely long and I don't want to dive into it but it's been a processes. We are now pre-approved for a mortgage and may start looking. I'm kind of, for once in my life, feeling settled in the house we rent and am not in a hurry to move unless we find something really awesome.

I feel like we have things all up in the air right now and it really stresses me out when I can't plan out everything.