Monday, February 17, 2014

Our Valentine's Day

We had a great Valentine's Day. It started out with pink heart shaped pancakes and fruit for breakfast. Also the kid's little Valentines from me and the ones they got in the mail from grandma and grandpa were were out and ready for them when they woke up. I received a package in the mail from the mister of yummy chocolate covered strawberries :)

Cain did not have school this Friday so we ended up going over to Bonnie's daycare party and the kids handed out their Valentines to their friends and enjoyed lunch and cupcakes. After that we made a stop at Chris' office and Cain of course had Valentines for the guys there. He absolutely loves going to Chris' work and the guys there are always so kind to the kids. He usually talks about it for the rest of the day. On our way home we got a much needed oil change then relaxed the rest of the day at home. It was a nice day and I find that I love Valentine's Day even more then before now that the kids really get into it :)