Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Trying new foods...

My kids are really good eaters  but as Cain gets older he has lost the urge to try new foods. We have a book about being a picky eater and not trying new foods so we read that together the other day and I made a point to really drive home the idea of trying new foods. It worked because Cain was game for making a list of foods - we had three categories: foods he loves, foods he dislikes, and foods he should try again to see where they would go on our list. Then we got a few foods that we already had around the house and gathered them up for a taste test...

I think this one was hummus on a chip - verdict was good on this one.
 Spoiler alert is was the only one that made it to the "like" section of our list. 
Before this he didn't think he liked hummus. 

baby carrots - up until now he wouldn't even really try them. 
He took a big bite out of it, chewed up, swallowed it, and said no I don't like it.
 I think we will try this one again in the near future. 

blueberries - he has liked blueberries his whole life. 
Up until a few months ago he loved them. 
All of a sudden he tried telling me he didn't like blueberries anymore. 
I put them on here just to remind him that yes he does like them.

avocado - this was the worst for him. 
Carly loves just plain cut up avocado and Cain did too when he was small. 
I just wanted to try it but he spit it out. 

cherry tomato - he still isn't a fan. 

lettuce with ranch - he tries salad every now and then and 
I just keep offering it to him in hopes that he will like it one day.

I am just so proud of him for trying new foods. He does better then me with that. 
I just don't want him to end up a "picky eater" - like his mother...ssshhh don't tell him.