Thursday, January 16, 2014

Balancing Act

Aghh - balancing two kids is tricky and I've been doing it now for 19 months so I thought I might have the hang of it. And I think I did have the hang of toddler / baby combo. But now it's like big boy / toddler combo and it's freaking me out. It used to be that Carly was "easy" - carry her around, feed her, change her, give her a nap and she was good to go while I chased Cain around endlessly. Lately Cain is the "easy" one and I am chasing Carly around like crazy. Cain is still needing my attention but now Carly is demanding it as she tests the limits and boundaries. For example - taking the kids to the library today, it use to be Carly was easy and Cain was the one I was chasing around. Today Cain played and looked at books and was so good and Carly ran through the rows of books laughing and falling and crying and it was. so. hard. Finding things that keep them both entertained is a little difficult right now -they are both at different stages obviously. 
So when we leave the house to do stuff Carly is over it in like an hour and Cain is enjoying himself and wants to stay and play but we have to cal it quits. I feel bad for Cain sometimes. Any parents out there with two kids in different stages with advice or ideas? At this season of life I have a big boy who really wants to go and do new things and a toddler who is crazy and can't sit still for a minute and also tires of things easily. Help me people!