Thursday, January 9, 2014

Feeling defeated...

there are some nights - most nights - that I find myself feeling completely defeated at the end of the day. Did I play with my kids enough today, was I patient enough with them, did I handle this situation the way I should have, etc.
We are on day twenty of "the never ending christmas break" and we are getting a little antsy around here. The kids and I have not left the house in approximately 5 days due to the crappy weather and bitter cold temperatures. I am hoping to go out today and do something, anything, to break up the day. But that many days of sitting around the house - and me trying to find things to keep them entertained - is wearing on us all. I am very much looking forward to getting back into a regular routine.
The kids are still happy though - they are finding new ways to play together, making forts, getting creative. Of course they are fighting over toys and arguing with each other also. So if you are feeling this way yourself try and go easy on yourself. Trying to take my own advice this week. Focusing on the things that went right in the day and not the ones that didn't.

Cain took this picture of a very tired me last night - 
I was letting him take pictures with my camera to pass some time.