Friday, July 25, 2014

Birthday Cakes

My kids have always had homemade birthday cakes or cupcakes for their birthdays. Chris' Mom, Jackie, always made all the family cakes and now that she is no longer here with us we are super lucky to have his sister, Angie, take over and carry on the tradition :) I was just thinking of Cain's 5th birthday cake - let me just take a minute and cry because I will soon have a 5 year old! Ok so it got me thinking about our past cakes.

Cain's 1st birthday - a monkey theme - made by Grandma Jackie

Cain's 2nd birthday - Sesame Street theme - made by Grandma Jackie

Cain's 3rd birthday - Finding Nemo theme - 
made by Grandma Jackie and decorated by Aunt Angie

Cain's 4th birthday - pirate theme -
Aunt Angie made the cupcakes and I made the little flags 

Carly's 1st birthday - you are my sunshine theme -
made by Grandma Jackie and decorated by Aunt Angie

Carly's 2nd birthday - Pinkalicious theme -
cupcakes made by Aunt Angie 

Other cakes (that I had pictures of anyway) that were made for our family functions include:

our wedding cake was made by Jackie

Chris' 30th birthday cake made by Jackie

my baby shower cake made by Jackie

Jett's 4th birthday - made by Angie

my 30th birthday - made by Jackie and decorated by Angie

Monday, July 14, 2014

Almost a month

Oh my goodness it's been almost a month sense I last blogged - so crazy! We sure our enjoying our summer. So a little highlight of what has been going on with us...
Cain finished his first t-ball season. He did so great and it was a wonderful experience for him, I am sure he will be doing it again next year. He had an end of the season party that was so much fun - the best part for him was the trophy!

For the 4th of July we went to the parade in Northville. It was so hot out and super crowded but we had so much fun.  

Then my sister and her family came up that weekend and stayed with us for a week. The kids loved having their cousins here! We ended up going to the zoo, just playing and swimming in the backyard, and shopping :)

We celebrated my Mom's 50th birthday! My Mom didn't know my sister was coming into town so she was super surprised for her birthday.