Thursday, May 1, 2014

Our Week

I was on a roll last week blogging almost every day -  then I blinked and it's Thursday and I haven't blogged once all week. We have been kind of busy this week. Monday I helped in Cain's class for the morning. I love days where I get to go help, the kids are so cute!

Tuesday was my dreaded dentist appointment. I really hate going to the dentist. I found a new one down here and I really like her so I am hoping it goes well when I have to go back for a crown :(  Here's me with my crazy, half numb mouth, smile.

Also on Tuesday we went to Cain's t-ball practice. He did really great again. Well minus him coming off the field in tears because he was scared of a lady - and when asked why he was scared of her he said he was scared of her face. lol. I know it's not really that funny but it made us giggle. One more week until he has his first game. Lets hope the freaking rain stops around here by then!

Wednesday night we went to one of Chris' friends house for dinner (Hi Brad if you are reading this). He cooked for us and it was his birthday - I felt super horrible because I didn't know it was his birthday when we made plans for dinner. And for the record I tried to cancel but he insisted. Anyway whenever I hang out with "new people" I always feel super awkward. First of all I feel super boring because all I ever talk about are children related things and a dude who doesn't have kids doesn't want to hear about preschool, t-ball, tantrums, etc. The other thing I do on a regular basis is go to work and no one wants to hear about that either. So I feel super lame. Then add the fact that you are bringing your two children into someone else's house and there is an entire new element of fun. For the first half hour or so the kids are really great because it's a new situation, a new place, they are a little shy. But after that wares off it's like opening up the flood gates for crazy town. They let their true colors shine. It's a little stressful trying to make sure they behave and don't break things. So sorry Brad that I am socially awkward. 

Today was kind of nice because we didn't have a single thing on the agenda until later this evening when I had to work. We hung out in our pj's all morning - watched cartoons and read books. It would have only  been better if it weren't so chilly out and we could have spent time outside. 

I hope everyone has a great weekend and I'll try and post my weekly pictures tomorrow.

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