Monday, March 17, 2014

Things my kids say...

so this blog has now become a place where I post pictures of my kids once a week and that's about it. It's ok with me because I have realized that in the last (almost) five years this blog has had lots of seasons. And this is just one of them. But today my kids both said some humorous things and I thought to myself that it for sure needed to be written down so I can remember it.

So Carly is into walking everywhere. She doesn't want to ride in the stroller or cart ever. This morning  at the grocery store she was on repeat "walk, walk, walk" until I let her out of the cart. She did pretty well for a bit but then tried to bolt when we were in the check out line. I had to pick her up and put her back into the cart as she cried and yelled "no mama. walk, walk, walk". There were two other mom's in line who totally got it and even said she was so cute. I looked over and Carly was giving the death stare to the lady. I'm like yeah so cute. And when these moments are happening I don't think they are cute or that I will want to remember them - in fact I want to forget them. But as the old lady in line behind me reminded me today - just enjoy her. Just enjoy it.

I picked Cain up from school this afternoon and we are in the van on the way home when he pipes up from the back seat "Mom why do some people say shit?"  "What? Who says that?" "Well like Grandma Kay, she says shit." "Hmmm... I don't know why some people say that word, it's not a nice word ok." "Ok I'll tell Grandma Kay to not say shit anymore."

"Carly can you bring me your socks?" "No. No socks. Socks buh bye." "No I see them right there, they didn't go buh bye." "yeah socks buh bye."

I love that Carly's vocabulary is expanding everyday. She is playing with Cain so well (most days) and they are so cute together. They make up little songs and both sing them together. They melt my heart - when they aren't driving me crazy!

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