Thursday, March 6, 2014

Dry Nights

Well I'm not sure where to start this or if I have discussed it much on here so I'll start from the beginning and sorry if I've shared Cain was "potty trained" at around age 2. He was super easy. He wanted to go on the potty. However he always had to wear something at night. It didn't matter if we cut back on drinks before bed or woke him up in the night to go, he always woke up wet. Sometimes even soaked. I was starting to feel a bit helpless and kind of like this was going to happen forever. Then just like one day he woke up dry. And then the next day dry. This continued for a week. I was stoked! Cain was stoked! But I didn't want to seem overly excited because if he had an accident I didn't want him to be disappointed. We talked to him about giving up pull-ups because he was doing so good and he was a bit nervous, but he did it and woke up dry. Woo hoo y'all! He has had a couple of accidents in the last few weeks but I think it is safe to say he is out of pull-ups. As a parent of two children this makes me so so freaking happy. Knowing we are that closer to a life of no diapers/pull-ups makes me feel incredibly excited. We wake him up before we go to bed to go to the bathroom. I know accidents will happen but this is a huge step for us and for him. The thing is, even when I really wanted to push him and try to get him out of pull-ups, it had to happen on his own time. I couldn't force it.

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