Saturday, January 25, 2014

So I saw this and cracked up laughing because it's so true and it is currently my life. Children - or at least my child - has gone through a few phases so far in his 4 years. 

Starting out as a helpless little baby that can not do anything for himself. 

Next he starts doing simple tasks himself and realizes he can do things on his own - this turns into wanting to do everything on his own. At the time we are going through this phase it feels so annoying because it takes 15 minutes to put on one shoe but he wants to do it himself so badly. And I'm all like hurry this shit up we have to be somewhere. Or for the love of god just let me zip your coat myself. In my head of course because you can't really say that out loud to your child. 

Then once he gets good at mastering simple tasks himself and can do it in a timely manner it's like he knows he can do it so he no longer gets excited or proud to do these things and reverts back to wanting me to do everything for him. And now that I know how awesome it is for him to do it himself I'm like I don't care if it takes you 15 minutes to put your damn sock on you can do it and I'm not doing it for you.

It's all kind of messed up really and I am praying that one day my son will just put all his clothes on by himself in a timely manner without fake crying over it. And to get even more messed up - someday I'll probably be sad that he no longer needs me to help him put his socks on. It's fucked up. 

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