Sunday, January 5, 2014

Snow - snow - snow

So Cain's first day back to school was supposed to be tomorrow, however it has already been canceled because of the snow. I can not believe that it is still snowing out! I went to Meijer the other day to get a few things and everything was sold out. I couldn't believe that people are stocking up like the end of the world or something. Insane. I had to wait in line forever just to get my groceries.

Downton Abbey is back - I love this show and am so happy that it's back!

This weekend we got to spend time with family that came down. I love having family here! Cain got to have a sleep over with his cousin and they of course stayed up way to late. Then  we had a play date with one of Cain's friends from school on Saturday. I really enjoy watching him play with his friends. They are so sweet. Other then that we just hung out and lounged around watching movies. It was so very relaxing!

I hope everyone had a great holiday extended week. And yay for another day of sleeping in tomorrow!

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