Thursday, January 2, 2014

Be nice and don't say mean things

Have any of you ever been told something so simple and probably thoughtless, to the person saying it, but it affected you and you carried it with you from that moment on? It's so weird to think about. I have things that I have carried with me for years that one person or another mentioned - and of course it is usually the negative comments. The person who said it probably doesn't remember for one second saying what ever it is they said and yet you carry that with you and let it hold so much weight on your heart.
It could be something so simple - someone saying "oh that's weird" about you or something said to be hurtful - "your fat/ skinny/ ugly/ bitchy/ to tall/ to short/ mean" I mean this list could go on forever and from the moment those words were said to you it changed who you are or how you look at yourself. I feel like young women especially find this, or at least I know I did, and it takes years - if ever really - to get these negative thoughts out of your mind.
I often wonder if I ever said something that was completely thoughtless, to me at the time, to someone that hurt them or changed them. I hope I didn't but I wasn't always a nice person as a teenage girl. I am just putting it out there that I am so sorry if I did.
 I wish I could say that I don't care what people think about me but the truth is I do care - a little anyway not as much as I used to. I think that is one of the things I have gotten better at as I get older. I read a quote that said "it is none of your business what other people think about you" and I am trying to remember that. I don't want to be perceived as perfect. I don't want to pretend that I am something that I am not. I just want people to actually like me, for me. And if they don't that's ok I suppose. We don't all have to like each other but we don't have to be assholes to each other if we don't. There are people that I don't care for and I act nicely to them - it's not because I'm fake but because I'm an adult. So just be nice to people - especially the mean people - they probably needed it the most. And I will admit that sometimes I'm thinking 'your a big idiot' behind my smiling face - I am human after all.

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