Wednesday, July 31, 2013

8 days

In 8 days I am going on vacation. A legit vacation. It is a legit vacay because for 3 and a half days I will not have to feed anyone else while I eat breakfast, lunch, or dinner. I will not have to have any children waking me up in the middle of the night or sleeping in my bed. I will not have to ask anyone if they have to go potty. I will linger in bed in the morning if I feel so inclined. I will not worry about hurrying so we can make it home for naps. Aghhhh....8 more days, lol :)
Other then that I'm sorry about the absence of posts here on my little ol blog. Trying to enjoy the rest of the summer before it flies by. Things like the zoo and visiting family. Chris' mom isn't doing super great so we have been trying to get up north every weekend possible. I'll try and post some newer photos soon and it you don't already follow me on instagram for more everyday photos - cktimes3.