Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Fucking dogs

So let's start this post by saying that I like dogs but...

last year or like a year and a half ago I got bit by a "really nice dog" in the back of my leg while I was walking out of a house with a bunch or people. Sense then I've been really paranoid about big dogs. Also sense then there have been many occasions, ok like three, where I'm walking around the neighborhood and random dogs that are loose come running up to me. I've been with other people every time this has happened until last night.

I decided to go for a walk in the evening ,and I was a few streets away from my house, when a freaking pitbull comes running up to me from the side. My mom had just called me a minute before this so I'm having a conversation with her and then all of the sudden "oh shit oh shit oh shit" and I gave my mom a heart attack.

I didn't know what to do so as I'm trying not to die of a heart attack I head through the first lawn and start banging on the door of a random stranger all while this pit bull is directly behind me. It wouldn't go away. Someone finally answers the door and lets me in as I'm explaining what happened.

All this happening while my mom is on the phone - but I forgot that I was talking to her so she is just like listening and thinking I'm getting abducted or something. It was so freaking scary! The guy calls the police and tells them to send out animal control. The dog didn't have any collar on. There were some other neighbors standing on their porches so the guy hollers over and asks if the dog was theirs and they said no that they tried getting in their car and the dog chased them back to the house.

Chris had to come pick me up. I'm going to be completely paranoid now every time I go for a walk!