Monday, July 8, 2013

Kid Foods

So while you are reading this post I'm most likely enjoying the day at Michigan Adventure with my family. I wanted to post today about foods my kids eat because as a stay at home mom, or every mom for that matter, I feel like sometimes I've run out of things to feed my family. My kids are not super picky eaters - thank goodness. Here is a little list of things my kids eat or some regular things in our kitchen. Please feel free to share with me your kids favorites. Also some things one kid will eat and the other won't. Our family doesn't eat a lot of meat, which you will see from my list. I am not a good cook, like at all so these are all simple things that don't take a lot of time. We try and buy mostly organic but not every single item.

So lets start with breakfast - I always try to give them a "main" thing, fruit, and yogurt or at least two or three items for breakfast. They are hungry when they wake up.
-oatmeal with fruit
-whole grain waffles (Cain likes honey on it, I just butter Carly's)
-plain yogurt
-fresh fruit (favorites: strawberry, raspberry, blueberry, grapes, melon, bananas, peaches, oranges)
-cereal (cheerios or gorilla munch seem to be the favorites)
-toast, bagels, english muffins
-scrambled eggs (Carly will only eat hers with salsa)

Lunch Ideas - we do simple lunches around here. Again they usually get three items for lunch.
-avocado (Carly just likes plain cut up chunks)
-sweet potato fries (sweet potato sliced, covered in olive oil and cinnamon, and then baked)
-fresh fruit
-cheesy roll ups (tortillas with melted cheese)
-rice cakes with peanut butter
-sometimes a peanut butter sandwich for Cain but not to often
-soup (chicken noodle or veggie are their favorites)
-make our own "lunchables" with crackers, cheese, veggies, fruit, etc.
- cottage cheese

Dinner Ideas - again like every other meal we do a "main" item, a veggie, and a fruit.
-so any lunch idea can be used for dinner as well
-veggies my kids eat with lunch or dinner: peas, carrots, broccoli, green beans, and chard are the most often eaten in our house.
-fish sticks or baked fish
-cheese ravioli or spaghetti
-mac and cheese (I get organic not Kraft)
-make your own pizzas
-neither of my children like mashed potatoes :(  but they will eat fried potatoes that are cut into cubes.
-they both like sauteed mushrooms
-baked chicken

Snacks - I try throughout the day to make snacks things like fruit, cheese or yogurt but we do regular old snacks too.
-pretzels with peanut butter
-Wheat Thins
-Cain calls them "snack peas" they are the long crunchy pea snacks from trader joes
-Pirate Booty
-Goldfish or the organic equivalent
-cheerios for Carly or "puffs"
-dried fruit

That's all I can really think of right now. I know something else will pop into my mind later. Also Cain loves him some "nugs" from McDonalds so I'm not trying to be all holier then thou. He will have a happy meal every now and then. Even when I eat shitty during the day I always make sure my kids have healthy foods/meals. So now it's your turn - share yours or your kids favorite things :)