Monday, June 10, 2013

Our Rainy Day...

well we woke up to a rainy rainy day. I really just felt like hanging out in our pj's all day and lounging. Chris woke up with crazy eyes to go along with a stupid cold he has been battling. So I called the doctor this morning to get him an appointment right away.

So cold/allergies is what the doctor said and he was prescribe some eye drops and allergy meds. I am crossing my fingers that he kicks this before Friday when we go up north to celebrate Carly's birthday. I am also praying that no one else in our house gets any kind of cold/sickness. We've been so healthy and then the week before a party we have this - yuck!

So when Cain woke up he wanted to get his rain boots on and take his umbrella outside - ok fine why not. 

catching rain drops on his tongue

Carly peeking out watching Cain
Also I can not open the dishwasher without her speed crawling towards it.

Tried to get some pictures of our baby birds today but the mama wasn't going anywhere today. 
She had them nestled under her and we couldn't even get a peek but they are in there doing great.

Then a bit later the kids started getting stir crazy so I put Cain to work giving some of his animals a bath.