Sunday, June 9, 2013

6 years

Today is our 6 year anniversary. 

I don't write about my marriage often because it seems super personal to me and to be honest we are pretty boring. We don't fight. We have some arguments once in awhile but nothing crazy. We are both pretty mellow people and it takes a lot to get us going. I get upset easier then he does and he is super good at letting things go, so I just usually rant and he nods and then we are done. Ha! 

In the last six years our lives have changed a lot even though it seems like our day to day stuff never changes - isn't it weird how that happens?
-We have moved three times in the last six years. (Coleman to Freeland to Midland to Belleville)
-We have experienced the birth of our two babies and the death of family members.
-We have transitioned from being a house of two working parents - to having a stay at home dad - to now having a stay at home mom. 
-We have had five different vehicles between the two of us. (stratus, uplander, grand am, dakota sport, aveo)
-We have had extra money in the bank and we have had no money in the bank.
- We have been through sickness, surgeries, and hospital stays.

All that stuff doesn't seem to matter much because we have fun with each other - we actually enjoy hanging out - doing the boring stuff. Before kids it was midnight grocery store trips, boring Sundays at home, or taking trips and exploring new things. Now that we are a family of four it's trips to the local ice cream shop, going to the zoo, or playing with toys in the evenings. 

I couldn't be more lucky! I have found an amazing man who is a great friend, husband, and father. Who I only feel like punching in the face on super rare occasions ;) He makes me super happy - makes me feel beautiful even when I'm feeling not - makes me laugh all the time - gets up in the night with the baby - doesn't mind doing dishes or cooking dinner - does bath time with the kids - works hard at a job he loves to support our family. Anyway you get the idea, I kinda love him and stuff. So here is to six years of marriage (ten years together) and many many more!