Monday, June 3, 2013

Little Birds...

awhile ago there was a birds nest on the back of our house up above our deck. When I found it I took it down because every time we went out on the deck the birds swooped down to fly away and it drove me nuts. I didn't know that there were little eggs in the nest at the time but they fell out and broke - making me feel like a huge bitch.
We went up north for a weekend and when we came back the birds had built another nest in the same spot. So this time I left there because I felt so bad about before. The birds haven't been as annoying about swooping down when you walk out on to the deck. So just today, Cain and I were eating lunch on the deck when I noticed this...
A super sweet baby!
There are two in there - possibly three.
These two just fed the babies as Cain and I watched them and took pictures. 
The mama sat over the babies when the other bird flew away.
They are so cute. Can't wait to keep taking pictures of these little cuties.