Friday, May 17, 2013


so what's been going with everyone?! Nothing exciting here - the normal everyday nonsense. But in case everyday nonsense is your thing I'll share mine.

Let's not talk about Mother's Day - nope we are skipping right over that shit. (We were up north that weekend visiting family so that was nice.)

My mother in law had an appointment with her surgeon on Tuesday afternoon and we got a call a few hours later that she would be having surgery the very next day. So we packed up and headed north again Wednesday morning. We dropped the kids off at my mom's house for the day and they spent the night too - holla! Then from there it's just sitting around and waiting and waiting (and in my case perhaps mingling with people you would rather not be mingling with.) I got to eat lunch with my husband in a restaurant while taking our time eating our own food. It was kind of like heaven. No sharing, no feeding other hungry little mouths, no trying to contain two small children in a place they don't want to be. We savored the moment! Then we waited some more. After a very long day we were able to see her again and things went good. They are at the point in her treatment now that they can't do to much more. It sucks.

So that's about it for our week. I was going to share our new trampoline pictures though. We ordered a trampoline for Cain for his birthday and decided to give it to him now so he could enjoy it during the summer. Also Chris was more excited then anyone about this damn trampoline! He was at a work thing the day it was delivered - he came home around 9pm and put the entire thing up by himself in the dark.