Monday, March 11, 2013


Oh my goodness...I'm 30! 
I had the best birthday ever. 
A fun day filled with surprises. 
Filled with family and friends.
I woke up to a big birthday banner and cards.
Then in the afternoon there was a delivery guy bringing me flowers. 
Cain yelled out "mom you are getting alllll the presents!" Ha! It was so cute.
We picked Chris up from his office to head up north. 
I thought we were having dinner with my mom but was dooped.
 Then I thought we were going to dinner at olive garden. 
We ended up at the hotel that we were staying at and I was really surprised. 
Then I was still starving and thought we were going to dinner
 but was talked into going to the hotel bar where my friends were waiting to surprise me. 
It was so nice!
Chris ate this gigantic double burger that was in between two grilled cheese sandwiches.
After that we headed out for drinks, bowling, and fun times with friends. 
I stayed out late and got to sleep in late. 
I am super thankful for this guy...
I'm pretty sure my 30's are going to be the best ever!

The next day we did have dinner with my mom and my grandparents. 
I loved spending time with my family. 
The kids stayed the night with my mom and we went out with some friends again Sat. night.
We did some put-put where I did get a hole in one but still ended up in 3rd place.
Then on Sunday I got to hang out with my Dad, sisters, and my brother. 
It was great to hang out with all of them.
My Dad and Cain
We also celebrated my birthday with Chris family on Sunday.
Jackie made her famously delicious cake.
By Sunday I am not looking so hot, lol :)
I got a new super awesome camera for my birthday and have been taking pictures of everything!
Just a warning that there will be picture overloads coming your way.