Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Let's get physical... physical...

in the sense of working out at planet fitness - ha! So can you really get the body back that you had before two pregnancies and two c-sections? I mean I think know that it is possible but it is so damn hard. Sooo hard for me! I go through spurts really. I eat super well (for me) and work out a few nights a week and I don't see anything changing. I know it takes time I really do. Then I get sick of waiting for results and eat like crap and work out only like two nights a week. And I still see no changes. I weigh more now then I ever have in my non-pregnant life and I can't seem to loose the weight. It makes me so mad. But obviously not mad enough to stop eating McDonald's fries :/  I need some help folks - any favorite workouts, any favorite healthy foods, tips, tricks, good spray tan places that can just spray paint some abs on my body. I've never had a stick figure body, I've always had curves but I am hoping to loose like 20 lbs. to get back to my normal pre-baby body. So let's here it please :)

I want this post baby body back