Friday, February 1, 2013

Jobs...I've had them...

So I've mentioned before that I am currently staying at home with my littles and have been for the last 7 months. I am in search of a part time job at the moment just to get me out of the house for a bit and meet some people. I was just thinking about all the different jobs I've had over the years and thought I would share with you all...because I'm super boring like here it goes.

1. My first job was at a little restaurant near my home town. My Dad's friend worked there for a really long time and she got me my first job before I was even really "legal" to work. I bused and set tables, sat people, etc. It was awesome at the time and I ended up working there all through high school. I worked after practice a few nights a week and every weekend.

2. After high school I moved into an apartment with two other girls. I needed to find a new job because my current job was to far away and by this time I was ready for something new. I went to a job fair thing at the casino with a friend and ended up with the worst job I have ever had in my entire life! It lasted a whole two months. I basically cleaned the casino floor - like emptied trashes, straightened chairs, etc. I left with a massive headache and smelling like smoke everyday. And the people were the worst.

3. So back to the restaurant business after that. I worked at a restaurant in good ol' Mt. P. It was ok. It was flexible with my school schedule, met tons of new people my age working there, but to be honest I was totally over trying to be nice to mean ass people. I was getting worse at faking it. The manager there was awful. He was this short, gross, older guy who would hit on the girls and was highly inappropriate. I think I worked there for a little over a year.

4. Hmmm...let's see. This was at the end of a semester and I was going to "take time off of school" aka never going back, and I went to Texas for a few months and stayed with family. When I got back home from doing that I started working at the little gas station in town. This was one of my favorite jobs ever. The owner was the nicest man. The group of women that worked there were super nice. There was always another person working with you and you just spent the day chatting it up with the regulars. I always kind of miss that job - it was a fun part of my life. It wasn't really paying the bills so I ended up moving on.

5. My next venture was at the nursing home. Holy drama Batman! Working with a larger group of mostly women was insane. I worked in the kitchen and I basically got people's meals together following their diet restrictions and cleaned up the cafeteria area when the meals were over. It kind of sucked. It paid good though. I had to sometimes be there at like 5am and I have no idea how I ever managed that. I was happy to see this job go.

6. I ended up stumbling into my next job at a daycare/preschool. I thought that this job was going to be perfect and I was going to be there forever and ever. Then I worked there for a few months and realized I didn't love children as much as I thought I did (well at least not other people's children). Again a staff of all women gets insane. And there was skanky girl who hits on the single dad's - not cool skank, not cool. Also dealing with kids is one thing but dealing with their crazy parents is another. So after like two years there or something like that I put in my two weeks notice and had no clue what I would do next.

7. As soon as I had put my notice in my friend told me about a job opening up where she worked at an assisted living home. I worked in the activities department and this was also one of my most favorite jobs. I got to hang out with old people minus doing any of the butt wiping stuff. It was a win win. The people who I got to work with were pretty cool for the most part. I got to do personal shopping, go on outings, and take them to lunch. I had to drive this gigantic van that I only crashed one time. This job was just part time so when I got offered another part time job I decided to do both.

8. I worked as an office manager for a contracting/rental property/realestate office. It started out part time so I could do both but then they asked me to be full time and I gave up my activities job. The job itself was easy for me because it fit my personality so well. I love being organized, I like "busy" work, I am very diligent (that was my word I used to best described myself when I was on homecoming court, lol) I can muli-task like a crazy person. I just like being busy. I liked the people I worked with and for. So that is where I was the last 5 years.

When I got pregnant with Cain I knew that I didn't want him to be with someone else all day every day. I wanted to be with him every second and never miss anything. Obviously that isn't possible and it would have drove me insane. I decided to work part time when he was born. The days that I went to work he stayed with my Mom. It really worked out so well because I got time to be a mom and I had time to be out and function with other adults. Cain was always with someone who loved him and took great care of him. Then when I was pregnant with Carly and we found out that we were going to be moving I was so sad to be leaving my job behind but also ready for a new phase as a stay at home mom. Now that I have been doing it for the past 7 months I'm ready for a part time job again. I'm ready to be with other adults and meet new people. The hardest thing for me, is that all of these jobs I've had kind of fell in my lap one way or another, and I never really had to search them out. This is not the case now - I've been searching and have applied online to so many places and still haven't found anything. The most important thing to me though is finding a job that fits with my life as a mom because I would never want to have to leave my kids with someone else all day everyday. I know that I am very lucky to be able to make that decision and some people don't have that choice OR simply decide that working full time is best for their family. I don't want to be starting the stay at home mom vs working mom debate. Anyway if you know of a super cool part time job in my area please let me know - thanks :)