Monday, September 9, 2013

Wow...a quick update...

I'm trying to keep up here on the blog but things happen and time keeps going. We spent a week up north that felt like it was just two days. My mother in law is not doing well. I mentioned on the blog before that she has been battling cancer. It has spread throughout her body and is really taking a toll.

We had to come home because Cain had his preschool open house on Friday. It went so well. I'm going to edit some pictures and do a post all about his first day tomorrow.

I had a job interview Friday evening so I'll be sure to update about that - maybe ;)

Anyway here are a few photos I wanted to share of recent things and then check back tomorrow for Cain's first day of preschool.

Chris and Cain flying his kite

Carly like it too

an early birthday celebration for grandpa - Cain had to help him blow out the candles

sink bathes are the best 

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