Tuesday, September 24, 2013


shit - it's been awhile. I'm sorry for anyone who still likes to check in and read my blog I have been a tad bit busy lately - I got a part time evening job, so there is that. It feels good to get out of the house and talk to adults for a few hours. I just started so I may be biased but I think I'm going to like it ;) 
Cain is still loving preschool! I'm so so happy that he likes it as much as he does. If I would have known how much he likes it I might have sent him to the "young 3's" program. I'm enjoying the time I get with Carly for a few hours just her and I. Or when she takes a nap during for an hour and I get an hour to myself - holla!
I wish I had tons of pictures to share with you but I haven't even busted out the camera much. I have been taking some pictures - if you want to check them out.
Jackie is still doing the same :/
My sister is coming in October so I will get to see her (for a very short time, but better than no time)!
Ummm...so that's it for now - preschool, it's freaking fall!, and working  :)

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