Thursday, August 22, 2013

Cain turns 4

On August 14th Mr. Cain turned 4. It feels a little weird to call him 4 years old. On that day we had a few of his friends come over for lunch and mini cupcakes. He got calls from all of our family to wish him a happy birthday. He told the neighbor ladies it was his birthday and they could sing to him if they wanted - lol - which they did. He cracks me up! Then we had his birthday party the following weekend up north with all our family and friends. He had so much fun and is very blessed to have an incredible amount of people who love him so very much. He wanted a pirate party this year so that was his theme - we all got pirate tattoos that day just for the occasion.
Mr. Pirate

blowing out the candle

opening gifts

pirate friends

sister didn't have a nap and ended up looking like this towards the end of the party - ha

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