Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Warning...sharing a million pics

So we decided we wanted to take Cain on a little summer vacation and with some family we decided on Michigan's Adventure. I had never been there before and Chris hadn't been sense he was younger. We decided to go on a Monday, in hopes of avoiding the crowds, and I couldn't be happier we did. Sunday we dropped Carly off with Grandma (because she wouldn't have been miserable tagging along all day) and headed to Muskegon. We decided to go to the hotel Sunday and enjoy the day. We got settled in and headed to the pool right away. At first Cain kind of acted scared about getting in the water - which is weird because he loves the water - and 15 mins later he is jumping in the deep end telling me not to catch him!

group shot: chris, me, cain, tuesday, alicia, bonnie, angie, jett

After dinner we went and found a beach on Lake Michigan. It started to rain a little bit while we were there but it wasn't bad at all. In the end Cain ended up in the lake in his undies and Chris, Bonnie, Jett, and Tuesday all ended up in lake with their clothes on. 

i hate this picture - i look all slumped over trying to hold on to Cain

group shot

he was dancing - Ha!

entire body covered in sand

walking back on the trail

Monday morning we woke up and headed to the park. It was of course raining but we braved it out and I'm so glad we did. There were no long lines, it wasn't super hot, it ended up being perfect and stopped raining shortly after. I didn't take my camera into the park so I got zero pictures from the day. Cain did so great and was super brave. He rode so many things I didn't think he would. We all had so much fun!

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