Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Cain's Home...

from his week long stay with the grandparents. I am so happy to have my little stinker home! A week was far to long but it did make me appreciate him much more. Also when I saw him after a week he just looked so huge, probably because I had only been around Miss Carly all week. He was spoiled rotten for a week by his grandparents and great-grandparents who visited regularly with presents of chocolate milk or ice cream - they know the way to his heart already :)

Carly missed Cain too I think, she would crawl around the house and go sit in his bedroom. It was so sad and so cute. She lit up when she saw him. He can make her laugh all the time. I'm so happy they have each other and I hope they will be close.

So Carly is pulling herself up on everything and doing some side stepping while holding on to the furniture. She has already taken some spills, which is the worst part for me. She will be 8 months old this Friday. She got her first tooth poking through and boy has she been crabby! Here she is digging through her toy basket with her little butt in the air.

Today we went to our first preschool tour for Cain. We are going to get a few more scheduled in the next few weeks hopefully. It makes it feel so real! Cain did great though. When we got to go into the classroom he was a little overwhelmed with all the kids but he seemed to like it. We've been talking a lot about what happens when you go to school and how we didn't see any mommy's or daddy's in the class because the kids get to be there by themselves and play and have fun. I'll be sure to share what we decided when we do. I might try and do an entire post on the process. 

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