Thursday, February 28, 2013

girls vs boys

When I was pregnant and found out that I was having a girl everyone told me how different boys and girls are to raise. The majority of the people told me that girls are calmer/easier and boys are crazy/full of energy/and harder.

When Cain was a baby I worked part time and he went to my mom's house. With Carly I've been home with her all the time. I don't know if this is the reason but she is a such a stage four clinger! Cain is always easy going, go with the flow about things and Carly is the opposite of that.

She is work! But work I wouldn't change for the world.

Cain at 8 months old
Carly at 8 months old

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Random pics...

I don't think I ever shared these pictures of Carly. 
I like them - so here they are...

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Cain loves to...

help in the kitchen. He loves helping with cooking and loading/unloading the dishwasher. I hope it lasts! We decided to make cupcakes - he picked out the kind and the frosting and we got to work.
getting ready with all or our ingredients 
and those are Mr. Potato head glasses on his neck

measuring and mixing 

putting the liners in...

he has so much fun and as soon as they come out of the oven he can't wait one second to eat them. 
He doesn't understand the cooling and frosting part - he's just ready to eat!

Monday, February 25, 2013

I feel like...

I'm becoming completely swallowed up by social media. I spend so much time on my phone it's sad. I spend time, when I should be playing with my little boy, on my phone. When I look back at my life I hardly doubt I will ever think 'oh I sure wish I would have spent more time on pinterest/instagram/facebook/etc.' So I just deleted my twitter account tonight. It's a start. I'm going to start deleting apps off of my phone so I will be less tempted to be on it all the time. I will be able to check things only from my laptop and hopefully this will curb my obsession. I want to be more present. Be the change you wish to see in the world and all that jazz.

Snow day success...

we had a snow day last week with really good wet packing snow so we headed outside. It's really hard for my to get out with both kids. Sometimes Cain wants to go out but it is just too cold for baby Carly. She can't do much obviously so it's hard to play with Cain while holding her. So I just tried to do my best. I brought her little exersaucer thing outside to entertain her while Cain and I made a snowman, had a snowball fight, did snow angels, etc.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Just a few...

new pictures of my little love bugs.

here they are on Valentine's day - Cain had just taken his winter hat off so his hair is crazy

eating cookies and candies

8 months old

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Let's get physical... physical...

in the sense of working out at planet fitness - ha! So can you really get the body back that you had before two pregnancies and two c-sections? I mean I think know that it is possible but it is so damn hard. Sooo hard for me! I go through spurts really. I eat super well (for me) and work out a few nights a week and I don't see anything changing. I know it takes time I really do. Then I get sick of waiting for results and eat like crap and work out only like two nights a week. And I still see no changes. I weigh more now then I ever have in my non-pregnant life and I can't seem to loose the weight. It makes me so mad. But obviously not mad enough to stop eating McDonald's fries :/  I need some help folks - any favorite workouts, any favorite healthy foods, tips, tricks, good spray tan places that can just spray paint some abs on my body. I've never had a stick figure body, I've always had curves but I am hoping to loose like 20 lbs. to get back to my normal pre-baby body. So let's here it please :)

I want this post baby body back 

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Blog Identity...

so when I started this blog in 2009, I had just discovered a few blogs for the first time and was inspired to start my own little place in internet-land. I just started writing random things about my day and life as a new mom and it was so nice to share my life with family who live out of state. Sense then I have been following tons of blogs - you can see a list of some of my favorites on my blogs I love page (which I need to update soon). Sometimes I feel like I should have some kind of centered topic to this blog or make it not so random but this is just my life and it's random. So it is what it is. Some days I feel like I could stop writing because there is nothing to share. But if I did that my sister (maybe my only reader)(shout out to Kayla-hey!) would probably be all up in my grill about not posting pictures of the kids.

So buckle up for some complete randomness...

...let's talk about my sister for a minute shall we - we are 19 months apart. I'm the oldest. She lives in Texas with her husband and her two kids. She also has a boy and a girl. I get all of my niece's hand me downs for my daughter and she gets the hand me downs from my son to hers.
Here is Cain with his two cousins

Growing up my sister and I were close but fought all the time. We are closer now that we are grown up. I miss her. She comes up to Michigan usually once a year. I wish I could go to Texas with my family but we skype and keep up on Facebook and this little bloggity blog.

...I have two half sisters. They are 17 and 12. They live with their mom and I get to see them when they are with our Dad. Cain loves his aunts but we just don't get to see them as much as we would like to.

...I have two adopted brothers. They are 21 and 19. My Dad adopted them when he married his second wife. Again we don't see them often.
this picture is really old but it's of my Dad and all of his kids

...My Mom and Dad had me when they were 18 years old. They got divorced when I was in like 6th grade. They both remarried. My mom is still married to my step dad going on 16 years or something like that. My Dad is now divorced. I am close to both of my parents and talk to them almost everyday.

...All of my grandparents are alive and one of my great grandmas. Sense we have moved we don't get to see them as much as I would like but we do still see them. My one set of grandparents go to Florida for the winter so they are gone a few months out of the year. Cain calls my grandma GiGi and associates her with chocolate milk and ice cream :)

...I have like a crap load of aunts and two uncles. My dad is one of eight children. He is the only boy and has seven sisters. My mom has two sisters and two brothers. This means I have more cousins then I can count. I wish I could say we were a close family but we are not.

...I have super awesome in-laws. I couldn't ask for a better second family. Chris has one sister. She has two kids a boy and a girl. My nephew is two months older then Cain and they are so close. His mom and dad are divorced (happened when he was in his 20's) and his dad is remarried. His family is all super close - he has aunts, uncles, and cousins that all get together regularly and it's so nice!

this is some of Chris' family

Friday, February 15, 2013

It's Friday...

which means nothing to me because I am a stay at home mom and all my days feel exactly the same. Woo hoo. It does however mean that we are headed up north tomorrow. I love being able to visit all of our family on the weekends. We try to see everyone as much as we possibly can but weekends go by so stinkin' fast and sometimes we don't get everywhere we wanted - so sorry if that might be or has been you.

So as I have mentioned Carly is pulling herself up to everything and I found her pulling herself up to reach the table. She got to where she wanted to go but she couldn't figure out how to get herself down. She was looking all over before she started to cry and I helped her out. If she is going to get herself in these situations she needs to learn how to get herself out of them :)

We officially signed Cain up for Spring soccer. I'm pretty excited! I hope he enjoys it and gets involved with the other kids. He is super shy so my visions of him, in his little shin guards, running all over the field could be a reality of him standing on the sidelines not wanting to participate. We won't know if we don't try though. I just want him to meet some kids in the area that are around his age and have fun so cross your fingers for me.

I have a dentist appointment on Monday morning and if you know me you know that I am already feeling high levels of anxiety :/  Wish me luck!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Cain's Pet...

My mom had called me awhile ago and asked if she could get Cain a fish. He has kind of been going on and on about he doesn't have any pets at home - more like any dogs at home but that wasn't happening. So when he went to stay with her for the week she had a surprise waiting. He was pretty excited to find a fish. Cain named him Nemo :) and enjoys feeding him everyday. First pets are awesome!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Cain's Home...

from his week long stay with the grandparents. I am so happy to have my little stinker home! A week was far to long but it did make me appreciate him much more. Also when I saw him after a week he just looked so huge, probably because I had only been around Miss Carly all week. He was spoiled rotten for a week by his grandparents and great-grandparents who visited regularly with presents of chocolate milk or ice cream - they know the way to his heart already :)

Carly missed Cain too I think, she would crawl around the house and go sit in his bedroom. It was so sad and so cute. She lit up when she saw him. He can make her laugh all the time. I'm so happy they have each other and I hope they will be close.

So Carly is pulling herself up on everything and doing some side stepping while holding on to the furniture. She has already taken some spills, which is the worst part for me. She will be 8 months old this Friday. She got her first tooth poking through and boy has she been crabby! Here she is digging through her toy basket with her little butt in the air.

Today we went to our first preschool tour for Cain. We are going to get a few more scheduled in the next few weeks hopefully. It makes it feel so real! Cain did great though. When we got to go into the classroom he was a little overwhelmed with all the kids but he seemed to like it. We've been talking a lot about what happens when you go to school and how we didn't see any mommy's or daddy's in the class because the kids get to be there by themselves and play and have fun. I'll be sure to share what we decided when we do. I might try and do an entire post on the process. 

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

What I Love Wednesday...

Want = this rug for in my living room
Emerson Flower Power Rug
Need = I really need to have this bag in my life

Want = I love the sideways initial necklace, with a "C" of course
Sideways Initial Necklace in Brass  - Asymmetric Custom Necklace

Need = you need to try this shampoo - it's my current favorite
Not Your Mother's Way To Grow Conditioner - 8 fl oz

Tuesday, February 5, 2013


If you aren't on instagram or aren't following me this is what we've been up to...
Oh hey I pull myself up on everything now #7months
Carly is pulling herself up on everything these days

Trying to get a picture of all three of us today, this is the best we could get. #latergram
the three of us on a random day

This is happening. #hotcakes #roadtrip
hotcakes while roadtrippin'

Raspberry fingers #lunch
berry fingers

Knitting and Downton Abbey - hello I'm now an 80 year old woman!
knitting and downton abbey = old lady

Monday, February 4, 2013

Hi Everyone...

How was your Monday? Hope it was better then mine. Not that mine was bad it just wasn't very exciting. Over the weekend we went up north for a quick second. We went to Hannah's first birthday...
she is so cute. While she opened her presents Cain was front and center with all the other kids and he kept saying what he could see inside the bags. He was like "oh there is a unicorn in this bag" it was kind of funny and cute.

Cain ended up staying for the week. It is the longest he has ever been gone from home and I already miss the little stinker. He will be staying  with both of his grandmas this week so I know he is going to be having a great time. I may or may not have called 3+ times to talk to him and check in. While he is gone I have plans to get some stuff done around the house that I can hopefully do while Carly naps. Also hoping to get a nap in myself at some point.

Carly isn't going to know what to do with herself for the week without her brother running around trying to put her in laundry baskets. Here are some pictures of Cain the other day in his laundry basket and trying to lure Carly in by putting her toys in there.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Jobs...I've had them...

So I've mentioned before that I am currently staying at home with my littles and have been for the last 7 months. I am in search of a part time job at the moment just to get me out of the house for a bit and meet some people. I was just thinking about all the different jobs I've had over the years and thought I would share with you all...because I'm super boring like here it goes.

1. My first job was at a little restaurant near my home town. My Dad's friend worked there for a really long time and she got me my first job before I was even really "legal" to work. I bused and set tables, sat people, etc. It was awesome at the time and I ended up working there all through high school. I worked after practice a few nights a week and every weekend.

2. After high school I moved into an apartment with two other girls. I needed to find a new job because my current job was to far away and by this time I was ready for something new. I went to a job fair thing at the casino with a friend and ended up with the worst job I have ever had in my entire life! It lasted a whole two months. I basically cleaned the casino floor - like emptied trashes, straightened chairs, etc. I left with a massive headache and smelling like smoke everyday. And the people were the worst.

3. So back to the restaurant business after that. I worked at a restaurant in good ol' Mt. P. It was ok. It was flexible with my school schedule, met tons of new people my age working there, but to be honest I was totally over trying to be nice to mean ass people. I was getting worse at faking it. The manager there was awful. He was this short, gross, older guy who would hit on the girls and was highly inappropriate. I think I worked there for a little over a year.

4. Hmmm...let's see. This was at the end of a semester and I was going to "take time off of school" aka never going back, and I went to Texas for a few months and stayed with family. When I got back home from doing that I started working at the little gas station in town. This was one of my favorite jobs ever. The owner was the nicest man. The group of women that worked there were super nice. There was always another person working with you and you just spent the day chatting it up with the regulars. I always kind of miss that job - it was a fun part of my life. It wasn't really paying the bills so I ended up moving on.

5. My next venture was at the nursing home. Holy drama Batman! Working with a larger group of mostly women was insane. I worked in the kitchen and I basically got people's meals together following their diet restrictions and cleaned up the cafeteria area when the meals were over. It kind of sucked. It paid good though. I had to sometimes be there at like 5am and I have no idea how I ever managed that. I was happy to see this job go.

6. I ended up stumbling into my next job at a daycare/preschool. I thought that this job was going to be perfect and I was going to be there forever and ever. Then I worked there for a few months and realized I didn't love children as much as I thought I did (well at least not other people's children). Again a staff of all women gets insane. And there was skanky girl who hits on the single dad's - not cool skank, not cool. Also dealing with kids is one thing but dealing with their crazy parents is another. So after like two years there or something like that I put in my two weeks notice and had no clue what I would do next.

7. As soon as I had put my notice in my friend told me about a job opening up where she worked at an assisted living home. I worked in the activities department and this was also one of my most favorite jobs. I got to hang out with old people minus doing any of the butt wiping stuff. It was a win win. The people who I got to work with were pretty cool for the most part. I got to do personal shopping, go on outings, and take them to lunch. I had to drive this gigantic van that I only crashed one time. This job was just part time so when I got offered another part time job I decided to do both.

8. I worked as an office manager for a contracting/rental property/realestate office. It started out part time so I could do both but then they asked me to be full time and I gave up my activities job. The job itself was easy for me because it fit my personality so well. I love being organized, I like "busy" work, I am very diligent (that was my word I used to best described myself when I was on homecoming court, lol) I can muli-task like a crazy person. I just like being busy. I liked the people I worked with and for. So that is where I was the last 5 years.

When I got pregnant with Cain I knew that I didn't want him to be with someone else all day every day. I wanted to be with him every second and never miss anything. Obviously that isn't possible and it would have drove me insane. I decided to work part time when he was born. The days that I went to work he stayed with my Mom. It really worked out so well because I got time to be a mom and I had time to be out and function with other adults. Cain was always with someone who loved him and took great care of him. Then when I was pregnant with Carly and we found out that we were going to be moving I was so sad to be leaving my job behind but also ready for a new phase as a stay at home mom. Now that I have been doing it for the past 7 months I'm ready for a part time job again. I'm ready to be with other adults and meet new people. The hardest thing for me, is that all of these jobs I've had kind of fell in my lap one way or another, and I never really had to search them out. This is not the case now - I've been searching and have applied online to so many places and still haven't found anything. The most important thing to me though is finding a job that fits with my life as a mom because I would never want to have to leave my kids with someone else all day everyday. I know that I am very lucky to be able to make that decision and some people don't have that choice OR simply decide that working full time is best for their family. I don't want to be starting the stay at home mom vs working mom debate. Anyway if you know of a super cool part time job in my area please let me know - thanks :)