Sunday, January 27, 2013

Free Range Kid

I really like this blog I found a couple of months ago. (I think the layout is a little bit hard to follow) I agree with most of the things she discusses. I don't understand why people act like children have to be hovered over 24 hours a day. I remember when my sister and I were younger - we would come home from school, change our clothes, and leave on our bikes until dark. We were at the park, we were on trails in the woods, etc. This all happened in elementary school - like 4th grade or so. We checked in with our parents but there were periods of time where we were not in eyesight of our parents and we didn't die. We were allowed to ride our bikes (without wearing helmets - gasp!) on a busy road to the party store and buy candy. This was when we were a little older but still elementary school age.
Now there are stories of women getting arrested because her children were playing on the sidewalk in front of her home without adult supervision. Someone really thought she was endangering her children and called the police. A women lets her kids play at the park alone and it's on her criminal record.
I really try to encourage Cain to do things by himself. He gets dressed by himself. He can put his shoes, coat,hat, etc. on by himself. He can help unload the dishwasher, help put laundry in the washer/dryer. He helps me take the trash out. I want him to grow up and believe he can do things not that he needs me to be there watching over him every second.
Please don't think I am talking about letting my 3 year old go play near the street by himself or something like that because obviously! but letting him do age appropriate things by himself is good for him and good for me.
I need help getting my sock on...

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  1. I couldn't agree more! I also read about the woman who was arrested... I mean come on! I was gone for hours at a time as a kid & I'm just fine... As a nanny & parent of elementary aged kids I see a ton of needy kids & over protective parents, drives me crazy... No I will not help you put your shoes on, if your 8 & can't figure that out your mom needs a punch in the face.

    BTW I love that 'ain't nobody got time for dat...' Lady!