Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Cain is 3

Cain's actual birthday is August 14th. My Mom and Step Dad were in town for the week so we all got to hang out.
 Cain requested pizza for dinner so we ordered pizza, had cupcakes and ice cream, and opened a few gifts. 
He didn't quite understand that this was his actual birthday and his big party wasn't until the weekend. He wanted to go swimming that day!
eating cake and ice cream

new glow in the dark pj's from Aunt Kayla

Spiderman - he is totally into super heroes right now

treasure chest full of "treasure" from Grandpa Bert

Then on Saturday we went up North to spend the weekend with all of our family. 
We had Cain's party at a hotel so all the kids could go swimming, play in the play area, etc. 
It was and always is so nice to have all our favorite people together in one place!
the coolest cake ever made by my mother in law and sister in law

as we were singing happy birthday he got all embarrassed and climbed under the table 

blowing out the candle

new bike!

He is such a loved and lucky little boy.