Monday, August 20, 2012

Geesh - keeping up is hard...

I feel like I have no time anymore for my little blog. I want to blog, I think about things I want to blog about, I imagine updating the look of my blog but none of these things get done. Let me do a quick recap of what we have been up to -

We moved into a new house
- which I have no pictures of as of yet.
- we have pretty much had a constant house guest or two, or three, or four sense we have moved. My sister and her family, weekends with Chris' family in town, my mom and step dad for a week, etc.
Cain playing in the backyard with his cousins when they were in town
- I still have various boxes laying in rooms waiting to be unpacked.
- I haven't ventured out and explored our new area as much as I would like to but I'm going to work on that soon. (crossing my fingers)
- I have yet to feel organized as there is still so much I want to do with our new place :want to hang up pictures, get new rugs, etc.

Speaking of being unorganized
- I hardly have any photos of Carly
- The pictures I do have I just now got printed off and I am trying to put her baby book together :/
- Closets and drawers and basements are an absolute mess - things are just put wherever they would fit in no order what so ever.
- Again those damn unpacked boxes are haunting me.
- The kids and I are on no set schedule which throws me off completely. This needs to change soon or I may go crazy.
- We just got back from a weekend at my mother in law's and the organized me would have everything put away already. The new me has piles of crap in the living room. If I don't go in there then perhaps it will put itself away?!

Cain turned 3
- I feel sad that he is 3 - he looks like such a big boy. He acts like such a big boy (most of the time).
- We had his party just this past Saturday with all our family and friends. Planning it all and getting everything around for it made me feel so exhausted.
- I will do a post on his party with pictures and such a different day.
- He recently just got invited to a play date with a bunch of kids in our new town so I will post about that also.
My little man is 3 :)
Carly is my little chunky monkey
- She is getting so big. 
- She slept through the night for the first time ever on Friday. It was a total fluke but it gives me hope.
- She used to look like this ...
- and now she looks like this...
- She just had her two month check up and weighs 11 pounds 5 ounces.
- She has out grown her newborn clothes and is on to 0-3 and some 3 month.
- She is smiling and cooing. I have yet to get any pictures of her smiling because as soon as I pull out the camera or my phone she won't do it.

Chris & I
- Yes we are still married but sometimes it seems as though we have time for nothing else but parenting.
- We actually got to go on a date night while my mom was in town. We went to dinner with other grown ups and saw a movie. 
- I started going to a yoga class that I love.
- Chris' job is going great. He loves it. He has been really busy with all of his projects.
- In October it will be 9 years of us being together - that is crazy shit!
LOL - this picture is from when we first started dating - we look so young!