Monday, July 16, 2012

It's been a long...

stretch in blogging. I try to make time to post but it just doesn't happen. 
We are still in the stage where I will be home all day long and not get anything done. 
So strange. I look around my house in the evening and think, how did I not get a single thing accomplished. 
I am still not really venturing out in public on my own yet with the kids. I'm to scared. 
So we only go to visit family or something like that or we stay home and play in the yard. 
I need to get a double stroller perhaps but I was trying to avoid getting one. 

I'm sure you guys all want to hear about sleepless nights and poopy diapers - it's exciting stuff these days. 
But Carly is doing great (and is a month old already!), Cain is doing great.
 Can not believe he is turning 3 here shortly. He is such a big boy! 
Birthday party planning is in full effect even though moving is kind of taking over my life right now. 

We have 11 more days until we move. I am looking forward to finally being settled. 
Everything here is in boxes, Carly doesn't really have her own room for all her stuff, it's constant chaos. 

We have been trying to do some fun things to keep Cain occupied - 
we've ventured to the spray park, the beach, the zoo, and the regular parks. 
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