Monday, November 26, 2012

2 weeks up north

We headed up north on Nov. 9th.
We had Jackie's benefit on Nov. 10th. It went great. As soon as I get some pictures back of the day I will share them. We had an amazing turn out!
The kids and I stayed in Coleman while Chris went back home to work.
We visited family, we visited friends, we had a great time.
Chris came back up and we had Thanksgiving with both of our families. So thankful for our families :)
I didn't go shopping on Black Friday this year. I have gone the last few years but wasn't interested in going at all this year.
Woke up to snow on Sunday morning on Nov. 25th and had to drive home in it :(
Got home Sunday afternoon and unpacked, did laundry, cleaned up, etc. Then Cain and I put our Christmas tree up and got some of our decorations out.

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