Friday, August 3, 2012

Well I kind of...

fell off the face of the Earth internet. I have had so much going on that it is insane. We officially moved. Thanks to all our family and friends for helping out. We are still in the process of unpacking. It's hard to get anything done with these two kiddos in the house. Our house has also been filled with family sense we got down here - it's funny because we thought that we wouldn't see our family as often being so far away but it's been a full house. My sister and her family are here from Texas until tomorrow morning. We have just been hanging out and watching the kids play together, it's sad they only get to do it once a year. Yesterday at the park Cain said to me "I love Nahla, she's my best friend". Such a sweet boy! I haven't been taking any pictures at all (I have no time) but I did take a couple of shots of the new house. They are on my instagram account and also linked to twitter. (CKTimes3) I hope to take more pictures soon. I feel bad that I hardly have any photos of Miss Carly - second child syndrome for the win. She is 7 weeks old already. I will have to dedicate a post to what she's been doing these days. Anyway I hope to be back on track and get my shit organized soon :)

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