Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Birth Story

I kind of wrote Cain's birth story here and I wanted to share Carly's birth story but I feel like there isn't much to share. This time around I decided with my OB to do an elected c-section. Part of me wanted to try and do a VBAC (vaginal birth after c- section) but I didn't want to go through all the labor and end up having a c-section again anyway. I didn't have any complications with my previous c-section so it was easy for me to make the decision to do it again.
So I knew the day that Carly would be born (as long as she didn't come early on her own). We went to the hospital at 5:30am on June 15th and started prepping as soon as we got there. Besides the nurse trying to get my IV in, which took 3 times, all the prep went great.
I felt really comfortable but started to get nervous when they came in to wheel me into the operating room. I cried and then cried harder when Chris had to stay out and wait for me to get ready. I don't know what I was crying about but it's just so many emotions all at one time.
this is what Chris got to stare at as he waited to come in

It really only took a super short time for the surgery and within just a few minutes I could hear my little baby screaming. I cried yet again. She was born at 7:34am.
It was quick, it was easy, she was perfect. I was back in my room and doing great in no time. So there really isn't a grand story to tell but it couldn't have gone better. 

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Cain is 3

Cain's actual birthday is August 14th. My Mom and Step Dad were in town for the week so we all got to hang out.
 Cain requested pizza for dinner so we ordered pizza, had cupcakes and ice cream, and opened a few gifts. 
He didn't quite understand that this was his actual birthday and his big party wasn't until the weekend. He wanted to go swimming that day!
eating cake and ice cream

new glow in the dark pj's from Aunt Kayla

Spiderman - he is totally into super heroes right now

treasure chest full of "treasure" from Grandpa Bert

Then on Saturday we went up North to spend the weekend with all of our family. 
We had Cain's party at a hotel so all the kids could go swimming, play in the play area, etc. 
It was and always is so nice to have all our favorite people together in one place!
the coolest cake ever made by my mother in law and sister in law

as we were singing happy birthday he got all embarrassed and climbed under the table 

blowing out the candle

new bike!

He is such a loved and lucky little boy. 

Monday, August 20, 2012

Geesh - keeping up is hard...

I feel like I have no time anymore for my little blog. I want to blog, I think about things I want to blog about, I imagine updating the look of my blog but none of these things get done. Let me do a quick recap of what we have been up to -

We moved into a new house
- which I have no pictures of as of yet.
- we have pretty much had a constant house guest or two, or three, or four sense we have moved. My sister and her family, weekends with Chris' family in town, my mom and step dad for a week, etc.
Cain playing in the backyard with his cousins when they were in town
- I still have various boxes laying in rooms waiting to be unpacked.
- I haven't ventured out and explored our new area as much as I would like to but I'm going to work on that soon. (crossing my fingers)
- I have yet to feel organized as there is still so much I want to do with our new place :want to hang up pictures, get new rugs, etc.

Speaking of being unorganized
- I hardly have any photos of Carly
- The pictures I do have I just now got printed off and I am trying to put her baby book together :/
- Closets and drawers and basements are an absolute mess - things are just put wherever they would fit in no order what so ever.
- Again those damn unpacked boxes are haunting me.
- The kids and I are on no set schedule which throws me off completely. This needs to change soon or I may go crazy.
- We just got back from a weekend at my mother in law's and the organized me would have everything put away already. The new me has piles of crap in the living room. If I don't go in there then perhaps it will put itself away?!

Cain turned 3
- I feel sad that he is 3 - he looks like such a big boy. He acts like such a big boy (most of the time).
- We had his party just this past Saturday with all our family and friends. Planning it all and getting everything around for it made me feel so exhausted.
- I will do a post on his party with pictures and such a different day.
- He recently just got invited to a play date with a bunch of kids in our new town so I will post about that also.
My little man is 3 :)
Carly is my little chunky monkey
- She is getting so big. 
- She slept through the night for the first time ever on Friday. It was a total fluke but it gives me hope.
- She used to look like this ...
- and now she looks like this...
- She just had her two month check up and weighs 11 pounds 5 ounces.
- She has out grown her newborn clothes and is on to 0-3 and some 3 month.
- She is smiling and cooing. I have yet to get any pictures of her smiling because as soon as I pull out the camera or my phone she won't do it.

Chris & I
- Yes we are still married but sometimes it seems as though we have time for nothing else but parenting.
- We actually got to go on a date night while my mom was in town. We went to dinner with other grown ups and saw a movie. 
- I started going to a yoga class that I love.
- Chris' job is going great. He loves it. He has been really busy with all of his projects.
- In October it will be 9 years of us being together - that is crazy shit!
LOL - this picture is from when we first started dating - we look so young!

Friday, August 3, 2012

Well I kind of...

fell off the face of the Earth internet. I have had so much going on that it is insane. We officially moved. Thanks to all our family and friends for helping out. We are still in the process of unpacking. It's hard to get anything done with these two kiddos in the house. Our house has also been filled with family sense we got down here - it's funny because we thought that we wouldn't see our family as often being so far away but it's been a full house. My sister and her family are here from Texas until tomorrow morning. We have just been hanging out and watching the kids play together, it's sad they only get to do it once a year. Yesterday at the park Cain said to me "I love Nahla, she's my best friend". Such a sweet boy! I haven't been taking any pictures at all (I have no time) but I did take a couple of shots of the new house. They are on my instagram account and also linked to twitter. (CKTimes3) I hope to take more pictures soon. I feel bad that I hardly have any photos of Miss Carly - second child syndrome for the win. She is 7 weeks old already. I will have to dedicate a post to what she's been doing these days. Anyway I hope to be back on track and get my shit organized soon :)