Friday, May 25, 2012

What's In Your Bag...

I've been seeing these posts all over blog land and wanted to do one too. 
Here is my current bag -

It is Nine & CO. and I do believe that it was purchased at Kohl's. 
I like to change my bag regularly, not with every different outfit or anything but just like every few weeks.  
I changed it out not to long ago so I cleaned it out when I did that. 
As most Mom's know at any giving moment I can find Cain's toys or snacks in my bag too. 
But here is what is in my bag today...

1. My planner - houses my everything! Chris makes fun of me for still carrying a regular planner instead of using the calendar on my phone but I like writing it down. It also holds my receipts, lists, coupons, important papers, etc. 

2. My wallet - this is Nine & CO. also. It holds the normal: cash, cards, license, photos, etc. Nothing to special. 

3. My coin purse. 

4. Pack of tissues from Target. 

5. Chapstick and my Revlon Lip Butter

6. Hair ties - I have extremely thick hair and tend to break these or lose them all the time. 

7. Sucker from the bank - I usually keep a sucker on me at all times in case of the public toddler melt down emergency. 

8. Sunglasses - cheapo's from Forever 21 - my FAV! 

9. Keys 

And then I usually have my camera in my bag. And keeping it real, there was half a bag of sour gummy worms in my bag but as soon as I discovered them I ate the rest before I even got around to taking pictures. 

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