Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Sorry for the lack...

of posts in the last week...we have been SICK! All 3 of us - fevers, headaches, coughs, chills, etc. The worst part only lasted a few days. We are back to to normal for the most part except for this lingering cough I can not kick. My ribs and stomach muscles (who knew they were still in there) hurt from all the coughing going on. We spent much of the time napping, or laying on the couch watching movies.

The other bad part is that my mom got it and Chris' mom got it too - they are both still sick. So there was no one to take Cain for the day so we could really rest. We just took turns hanging out with him while the other one slept. Fun times.

Then Chris had to go on his first "out of town trip" for his new job. He headed to Washington DC on Monday morning. This left me semi sick, no sitters, can't go to work, giant and pregnant and exhausted. But the last couple of days Cain and I have been having fun and taking daily naps - yay for naps!

Hopefully I will be back tomorrow with a pregnancy update - 34 weeks!

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