Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Sleepy Boy...

Here is a picture of my little sweet man napping...

a rare occurrence at our house. This usually just happens if he fell asleep in the car and we carry him into the house. 
Every once in awhile he will actually take a real nap - in his bed for a few hours - but mostly he is a ball of energy. 
Jumping off of anything he can - our bed, his bed, the couch, the chair, the ottoman, you name it.
 He also has started kicking at the air or punching at the air while perfecting his "mean face". 
I have yet to get a picture of the mean face but it is the funniest thing ever. 
I try and not laugh or encourage the kicking and punching but when he makes that face I can not help but chuckle. 
He scrunches up his nose, squints his eyes, and his lips curl up to one side. 
I don't know where he picked up this behavior - but I try my best to ignore it and hope it goes away. 
He isn't doing it to others so that's the only way I can think of to handle it at this point. 
My Dad told me the other day that this phase is just starting and I have many more years left of it - thanks for the encouragement Dad!

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