Sunday, April 15, 2012

Today Cain was....

in the living room, Chris was in the office working, and I went into my bedroom to put some laundry away. 
I came out after a few minutes and Cain says to me "Mommy I puked". 
I'm all like "what?!? I didn't hear you puke. Where did you puke at?" 
He lifts my ottoman lid up and sure enough - he puked in my ottoman! 
Didn't come and tell me or Chris, just puked in there and shut the lid. 
What the hell kid?!? 
It was just a little bit but ewww....we cleaned it all up and he was on his way.
Not feeling yucky or anything, acting completely normal, so it was super weird and random.
Oh the things that happen in the course of a day around here :)

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