Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Random Thoughts...

- So glad tomorrow is the last day of work for me this week. It's been a super busy one and I just want to relax with my swollen feet up.

- Speaking of my feet - I went and got a pedicure today :) It was much needed and I am so happy to finally get it done. Now I have a pretty "springy" colored toes.

- Cain is riding his tricycle like a champ! He had a hard time getting the actual peddling down but just one day he got on and peddled away. I love watching him ride his bike like a big boy.

- I am looking forward to Easter this weekend. Can't wait to watch Cain search for eggs. Also a big lunch at my Mom's house :)

- Today I was in Target. While I was looking in the bra/underwear section an older lady, probably in her 60's, started talking to me. In our two minute conversation she used the words "tits" and "whores" - I'm not even joking. I was laughing so hard, I couldn't keep it in. 

- I believe Cain is finally over his sickness. Haven't heard him cough once today :) So happy he is feeling better and that I did not catch it. (knock on wood)

- I bought a few super cute and comfy skirts to wear when it was warm out and I haven't had a chance to wear them yet :( Come back warm weather I miss you!

- My new phone came in today - yippee! Haven't started playing with it, I want to wait until Cain is in bed and I can actually concentrate on it for more then two seconds. 

- I hope you all have a great Easter :)

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