Monday, April 23, 2012

Pinterest Loving...

I've been on Pinterest for quite some time - you can follow me CKTimes3. For the most part I just end up pinning things and and projects in hopes of doing them someday. I have done a few projects but I've never taken any pictures of them. I did a larger version of this last fall as a centerpiece for my table, that held flowers...
Twig candle this idea
it turned out super cute and I actually saved it with my fall decor for next year. 

Cain and I worked on something like this...
Fine-tune motor skills with just some playdough, cheerios and spaghetti noodles!
but he was only into for a few mins before getting bored of it.

When I saw this pin I was really excited to do it...
Rainbow Rice - What a fun idea!
So I got all the supplies - a clear cheap tub from Target with a lid, a 25 lb. bag of white rice from Sam's Club, food coloring, and rubbing alcohol.
I didn't take any pictures step by step of coloring the rice but it was super easy! I got it out today so Cain could see it for the first time and he had fun with it. 
We put cups, shovels, spoons, etc. in there for him to play with but the part he liked the most was hiding small things in the rice and finding them. 
We hid some change and some tiny trains he had. 
I would just suggest to only play with it on a floor that is easy to sweep or outside because it does make a mess. 

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